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Southwark Old Stout

Next up on the stout sloush is South Australia’s own, or until the Japanese giant, Kirin, acquired it in it’s massive move into Australia is the Southwark Old Stout. This grandaddy of the South Australia stout world is one that has stared down extinction numerous times as it’s home brewery, Southwark has changed hands a few […]

Stout Review: Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout

It is the winter season when we feel the chill in our bones and instantly head for beers with high alcohol contents. That means stouts and porters become the rage. With that in mind lets get started on a review of some of the better dark and heavies that are out there. First cap off […]

Brewery Review: Coopers

Every now and again I will review a brewery over the course of a week or two. The first in the series is the perinnial favourite of most South Aussies, Coopers! Coopers Brewery is the last large family run brewery in Australia. It has to be one of the things that South Australians are most […]

Brewboys Night

Last Thursday saw some of the members of the Dastardly Draught Drinkers Facebook group head down to Brewboys at 151 Regency Road. Once there we gravitated outside to the fire with our variety of drinks but in the freezing cold there was really only one choice for the night, the excellent Ace of Spades Stout. […]


Welcome to the first post on The Wind That Shakes The Barley. This is the blog which is set to keep you up to date with the Adelaide beer scene in the small breweries and the pubs that sell the stuff. There will be reviews of the brews both from Adelaide and world as well […]