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Brewboys Night

Last Thursday saw some of the members of the Dastardly Draught Drinkers Facebook group head down to Brewboys at 151 Regency Road.

Once there we gravitated outside to the fire with our variety of drinks but in the freezing cold there was really only one choice for the night, the excellent Ace of Spades Stout.

This has to be one of my favourite stouts, No light escapes the dark liquid that sits nicely underneath the smallish stout style caramel coloured head. The smell of dark roasted grain and slight chocolate is present as well as a strange almost oily smell that is welcoming rather then off putting.

Once I came to tipping this black beauty to my lips I realised this was a stout worth drinking. It’s malt flavours come through as well as some excellent coffee and chocolate flavours.

One of the things I found that particularly set up camp in my mouth was the excellent charcoal and roasted malt aftertaste. This is one of the reasons I like stouts, they have amazing staying power! The last thing i want is to enjoy a beer then have the taste just evaporate. Admittedly some stouts and porters take this too far but the Ace of Spades gets the balance almost spot on.

The Ace of Spades is not a hit you in the face kind of stout instead it is beautifully crafted and balanced something you can have a few of during a night and not feel like you have scoffed down a whole pig.

The Brewboys tasting room is a great place to hang out on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays if you got nothing to do but shoot the breeze. As one of my friends mentioned as he left “I feel really Bohemian coming here tonight.” Other then the beer the highlight of the night still had to be the graffiti’d Julia Gillard photo that spark some calls of Fascist and Communist. Still it was all in fun and games and I know that me and the crew will be back to spend some time with Stephan and Simon sometime soon.


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