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Stout Review: Sinha Stout

I know it has been a while but I felt as winter leaves us I should post the next review in the stout special, from the hills of Ceylon

comes the Sinha Stout from the Lion Brewery

The Sinha Stout comes in 330ml, 1.25 standard drinks bottle form only and is a more than light 8% but when I tried mine I had been aging it for quite a while. It had crossed the best before date by about 10 months. It poured out into the glass all thick almost treacle like.

This got me positively salivating about what it would taste like. Having keep it for ages I have wondered whether I got the best out of this stout but the port flavours that came through when I tried it more then made up for any doubts that I had.

The head poured out skinny and with a browny tinge to it. I have to admit it was not the most enticing looking head that I had ever seen.

When I decided that I had enough of looking at it and sniffing it I thought it’s about time that I drank it,  because well thats what it is for.

It came through really smooth with a bit of that port kick that I had already picked up in the sniffing. There were some lovely floral almost banana esther kinds of tastes but there was something that I didn’t pick up until I was well through it. It was a bit thin, this was a beer which was lacking a little depth.

This wasn’t disappointing because it meant that I could enjoy it without being over powered but it did leave me wanting something a little more robust. I think this must be what is meant by a warm weather stout.

Either way i did really enjoy it and if the age did thin it out then well sucks for me but atleast i get the port flavours that really made this beer for me. if it stayed that thin without the port taste then it would be a whole lot more disappointing for me. As it stands a good clean 7.5 out of 10 for me.

See you next time


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