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Pilsener Preview: Red Angus Pilsener.

The Red Angus is what is being shoved in front of you today.

If you were anywhere other then a beer blog you might think that I was referring to a massive piece of quality meat.

Well after a long sabbatical of actually working at my job I decided that it was time to write another blog post.

What better way to start then by wrestling the lid off the William Bull Brewery’s Red Angus Pilsener.

It comes in a narrower then standard stubbie and is therefore taller too. It carries 345ml in it’s dark brown glass.

The first thing I noticed when I poured was the bright yellow colour that tumbled ever so carefully into my glass. When I lifted it up to the light I noticed that it was actually quite cloudy, not Coopers Pale Ale cloudy but mild overcast sort of cloudy.

Taking the beer’s scent was one which I kind of enjoy. The time I got beer up my nose being the exception. It came with a nice little fruit, mostly orange kind of smell, this was backed up with a hint of spice. All up I think it was quite a ‘big’ smell leading me to think it would be a big tasting beer.

I was kinda wrong and kinda of right.

The first taste it seemed that all I could get was a bitter taste but the more I had the more I got the fruity flavours coming through that I had smelt at the start of my affair with the bull.

This taste evolution allows for the drinking to knock back a few of these without worrying too much about feeling bloated. In fact this pilsener probably flies into the the top 5 I have ever tried, though to be honest the pils is never going to be my favourite style.

If you really enjoy diving in and analysing your beer there is plenty here for you, especially with 5 different sorts of malt and three types of hops.

On the other hand if you enjoy just drinking beer it has an amazingly high drinkability.

All up this beer is quite good and the fact that De Bortolli decided to invest an entire brewery into this one product is testement to how good it is.

All up 7 out of 10

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