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Oktoberfest Special: Hacker Pschorr

Well Oktoberfest has been and gone.

For most Australians it doesn’t mean much more then those strange bottles of German beer that you were tempted by in October are now just sitting in your local Dan’s gathering dust.

Lets change that.

Over the next few weeks I will be trying a variety of Oktoberfest beers starting with the Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen. The only reason for this because it has a swing top.

Before we start I think a little back story about Marzen or Maerzen, if you  prefer. It is designed to be a clean, crisp lager with strong malt characteristics which can tend to a high level of sweetness. So a warning to those people who love eating hops for breakfast this most certainly isn’t your style. The colour of a Marzen covers then entire spectrum from pale Helles Marzen to the dark Dunkel Marzen.

This style is often referred to as an Oktoberfest beer because under Bavarian Brauordnung decree of 1539 beers could only be brewed between late September and April. Thus the first beers of the year to be ready were in October, thus Oktoberfest beer.

Todays brewer, Hacker Pschorr, backdate this decree (as well as the Rheinheitsgebot purity laws of 1516) as they can trace their ancestry back to the hacker brewery of Munich which was apparently established in Munich, 1417 .

Any who thats enough history on with todays offering. Hacker Pschorr’s Oktoberfest Marzen.

Pouring straight from the lovely swing topped bottle, which looked like it should come with a mandatory layer of dust, came a lovely head which sat on top of a dark coppery brew. I should have guessed I was going to get a lovely big fluffy head when I saw it start to spit at me from the seal.

Taking a whiff of this beer saw me get embraced in the warm sweet arms of a malty mistress (I hope you like that particular imagery) for all those bitter lovers I can only repeat my warning about this not being your favourite beer, still maybe you should take a walk on the wild side for once.

The first mouthful was an explosion of sweetness which filled my mouth yet left it crisp and clear. There was a slight wooden taste which made me think that I should be at a rough table with a large pewter mug eating Sauerbraten and yelling. This beer goes down remarkably easy and really hides it’s 5.8% which is relatively hefty. 

All up, I could spend a happy afternoon shooting the breezes with six of these and a group of mates.

If you see it around definitely pick it up.

Till next time people


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