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Oktoberfest Special: Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier

Next up on the Oktoberfest table is the famous Paulaner offering, Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier.


Paulaner is one of the most famous brewers in Germany, the rank 8th overall in sales in their home country. The monks who brewed the beer that eventually became Paulaner started brewing in 1634. They brewed mostly the holiday Bocks but since being sold to a conglomerate company which resulted in Heineken owning a 50% share of the brewery they started ramping up production.


Todays offering of Paulaner is going to get an extra half mark because it is just past code and when I tried it the head was flat and the taste a bit mute. Either way, onward and downward we go with this beer.

It poured out as a very pale yellow with a tiny head that appeared to be scared of the air, now I know oxygen is the worst enemy of beer but the speed which the head disappeared was ridiculous.

The smell taste just gave me some sweet wheaty malt, it was not a good start to the beer. I was already unimpressed especially after yesterdays offering.

Well I should have trusted my instincts, I was slaughtered by an over the top watery sweetness that felt awful in my mouth and was all show and no substance. Then we I thought that was it i was hit with a rush of bitterness. It was wholly unpleasant too because it just lingered mixing with the sweetness creating a disgusting sort of flavour that I found to be simple. I would only drink this if there was nothing else on offer and even then my own urine would be running a very close second.

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