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Vale Dry

A winery which makes the jump into brewing is becoming more and more fashionable in South Australia as those winos look to put their barrels of grape juice to use. The company that has done it best is the Mclaren Vale Brewing Company. The highly decorate Vale Ale is a superb ale but can they follow it up with an equally good dry lager.

The latest offering.

Sadly for everyone with taste buds and even the faintest memory of the Vale Ale this dry lager is well below par.

It poured out of the bottle very pale and held hardly any head. It just didn’t look very appetizing. Having a whiff I got smells that were a bit like sweet lollies and a hint of biscuit crunch.

I tried a little from the glass and then decided, as this beer appeared to lack the polish of it’s forebear, to drink it straight from the bottle.

It tasted flat, any promise of flavor that was on the nose quickly evaporated once it was in my mouth.

It was, as promised, at least dry and quick to slog down.

It tasted just like any other lager. If the Mclaren Vale Brewing Company wants to keep rolling that ad about beer not being flavorless swill I would be retooling this one quick smart because at the moment I would prefer a West End tinnie.

Still their website is quite interesting http://mvbeer.com/index.php



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