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Courage: Directors Ale

Today is the a day for Courage!

Which means we are going to look at one of the U.K.’s oldest breweries set up in 1787 by John Courage. It has since passed through a variety of different hands but always maintaining the Courage name. At the height of the breweries powers it operated 5,000 pubs and hired more then 15,000 people.

The brewery is now owned by the famous Wells & Young but it has been previously been owned by the Imperial Tobacco Group in the 1970’s.

One of the more popular beers made by Courage is the Directors. Formerly brewed only for the Directors of the company it was made available for public consumption after it rose in publicity.

It is an amber ale which comes in bottles, cans and casks and is made with Target Hops as well as Pale and Crystal malt.

The Director has a lovely sort of nutty taste under a subtle bitterness and a big malty spine which helps to deliver a really balanced beer.

The Directors has consistently been considered one of the most popular brews in the U.K. often cited as one of the 20 most popular beers.

The Directors bitter is a really smooth and easy drinking bitter with a tiny little bit of a hop flavor which makes this a great, if slightly strong, session beer which fits in perfectly with a nice warm day. a bit of  satay chicken and a bunch of friends.

If you want a great example of what a British bitter should taste like then this is one of the top 5 that I would be going towards.


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