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Readers request: Bright Ale

Hi guys, Tonight I got a request from a certain significant individual wanting to know what he should try as a substitute for Little Creatures Bright Ale. I gave a few off the cuffs but I think he just wanted to see his request up on the web, well Kyam here’s to you Little Creatures […]

7th Annual Australian Beer Festival 2011

The weekend just gone, 29th and 30th of October, saw the Australian Heritage Hotel host the 7th Annual Australian Beer Festival. By all reports it was the biggest and best of all the years which will make the organisers happy. There were over 24 brewers present each with a good selection of their wares for […]

Nirvana Pale Ale (Angry Man)

Go knock on any South Australian’s door and ask them about water and the discussion will inevitably turn to the Murray. Murray’s is also the topic for today’s blog post and is the NSW brewers offering, the Nirvana Pale Ale now renamed Angry Man Pale Ale. It is a hybrid Anerican/ English Pale Ale using […]