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Nirvana Pale Ale (Angry Man)

Go knock on any South Australian’s door and ask them about water and the discussion will inevitably turn to the Murray.

Murray’s is also the topic for today’s blog post and is the NSW brewers offering, the Nirvana Pale Ale now renamed Angry Man Pale Ale. It is a hybrid Anerican/ English Pale Ale using NZ produced Cascade and Hallertau hops. So strike one for not supporting the Australian Hop industry. It sits a rather pleasant 4.5% in the 330 ml bottle which corresponds to 1.3 standard drinks.

It pours out as a nice cloudy golden colour with a big long lived fluffy white head. When I was dipping my nose into the foam it was full of big fruity aromas of passionfruit and not the least bit angry like the new name suggests.

The Nirvana follows in the same vein. Smell does have a big impact on taste and the passion fruit notes continue from the olfactory receptors to the back of the throat where all good beer earns it’s stripes. The best chance of tasting and detecting each beer is when it hits the back of your throat. This is why aroma is important and spitting is abhorred.

Still there is very little to be be abhorred in this lot. This was a perfectly good pale ale with some good stone fruit tastes but ultimately it doesn’t quite reach the level of attainment required of Nirvana, maybe after a few more reincarnations I might be grovelling to this malt, yeast, hop and water deity.

Till next time beer believers










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