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Readers request: Bright Ale

Hi guys,

Tonight I got a request from a certain significant individual wanting to know what he should try as a substitute for Little Creatures Bright Ale. I gave a few off the cuffs but I think he just wanted to see his request up on the web, well Kyam here’s to you

Little Creatures Bright Ale- One of the first Australian craft beers which was to bridge the gap between the macro and micro worlds of brewing.  Fresh flavored with pineapple and passion fruit it sparkles with a combination of American and New Zealand hops.

1) Stone & Wood Pacific Ale- One of the big new kids on the block, Stone & Wood, have taken Australia by storm. Some describe it as an American style pale with a twist. It is big on  the tropical fruits and the less citrus notes, nice passion fruit and extremely light and drinkable to boot.

2) Matilda Bay, Fat Yak- Soft fruity notes come from the hops which do not overawe a first time taster. Beautifully balanced without being too heavy like the Coopers Pale can be if you have a couple in quick succession.  This is a beer without the malt and all about the florals and the quench.

3) James Squire Golden Ale- The classical and ever popular Australian golden ale, perfect for a hot summer with some yeasty and citrus tastes which make this the perfect mainstream summer quaffable.

4) Kosciuszko Pale Ale- An extremely light style British pale with a nice thirst quench and a lithe bitterness that just lingers long enough for anyone who is not a hop head to enjoy.

 5) Mac’s Hop Rocker- While not an ale, Mac’s Hop Rocker Pils is a light and peach driven larger which is light on the mouth fill and not overly hoppy but much above the traditional pils. The malt is smooth but not as sweet as a German larger. It finishes with some lemon and grassy hop flavors.

All these beers should be widely available from your local medium to large sized bottle shop consistently through the year, so pick up a few and try something new.



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