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Beer Bread with Spring Onions

One of the most important, if underwhelming, ingredient in bread is what makes the magic of beer, the yeast! Combine beer with flour, spring onions, cheese and make one of humankinds most amazing inventions, BEER BREAD! I got so excited when my girlfriend, Rhi, emailed me this recipe from Not Quite Nigella Now I enjoy […]

Top 100 Craft Beers 2011

So it is done and dusted for another year. The 2011 top 200 Craft beers have been released. It was one of the most exciting moments of my Australia Day, that and seeing a full Sammy D do stunts on his trampoline. The top beer was one that I voted for and one of my favourite […]

Beer Commercials

Hi, Today I am going to take a little break from reviewing beer, mostly because I am working on a series. Instead I thought I would present my top 5 favourite beer commercials. Now even because some of these breweries produce what I refer to as swill worthy beer they still are able to produce amusing […]

Top 100 Craft Beers

It is that time again beer drinkers. Every January every Australian makes sure that they get around to a few of the following things. They are, in no particular order, watch cricket, get cool, find beer, line up an Australia Day BBQ, get ice to keep beer and self cool and vote in a couple […]

Good things come in pairs- Nogne O’s Two Captains DIPA

There are excellent craft brews that you can dine on and enjoy for every day of your existence on this mortal coil and then there are a few very special few that you could only ever afford for a very special occasion. The top shelf range from brewers such as Mikkeller, Rogue and Nogne O fall […]

Gulf Brewery: Harvest Moon Organic Beer

Hi, Today I decided to write up a beer that I had while having an extremely bitter dining experience. I have tried to keep the two experiences separate but sometimes the quality of the beer has something to do with the it’s surroundings. To backtrack a little, late last week I went to a Mexican eatery […]

Home Brew Edition 2: Bock

Welcome back! Lately I have spent a bit of time writing about beer people and ingredients so I thought it was time to resume the regular programming. So here is the second edition of the Home Brew special and it starts with the German style beer, a bock. Bocks are generally strong alcohol beers, generally […]