Gulf Brewery: Harvest Moon Organic Beer


Today I decided to write up a beer that I had while having an extremely bitter dining experience.

I have tried to keep the two experiences separate but sometimes the quality of the beer has something to do with the it’s surroundings. To backtrack a little, late last week I went to a Mexican eatery on Melbourne Street. The food took forever and the tables were squashed together but at least the beer choices were excellent, personally I think that’s the best thing it had going for it, surrounded by Mexicana as it was. For the night I decided to go with Gulf Brewery’s “Harvest Moon Organic Beer”  

It pours out a  pale almost strawish sort of yellow and it doesn’t really hold a head. Gulf Brewery claims that this is the only wholly organic beer made in South Australia but I believe that Barossa Valley Brewing makes an Organic Ale as well, someone should probably tell Gulf Brewery about that.



It smells sweet let me tell you that, it was all about being a sweet beer, bordering on coying sweet but definitely malty sweet. There is very little else except sweet that

I could take away from it.  On tasting it I felt it was a little musty and thin on the mouth feel. I didn’t overly enjoy it. It wasn’t real refreshing, it definitely could have used a large dose of hops. This is probably not a beer I would try again.

The whole experience was taken down from an already low peg by the waiter deciding to charge us for an extra main, he was either trying to raise a little extra money or was just incompetent. Either way the meal was okay, company excellent but the service, beer and atmosphere was definitely substandard.




2 comments on “Gulf Brewery: Harvest Moon Organic Beer

  1. Justin, sorry that you experienced a bad bottle from the restaurant.
    Please call the cellar door on 8388 1221 and we will make sure you receive a few bottles of fresh stock.


  2. […] as people might remember I have written about the Harvest Moon before and didn’t really enjoy it. After that Peter from Gulf Brewery got in touch with me […]


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