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Beer Commercials


Today I am going to take a little break from reviewing beer, mostly because I am working on a series. Instead I thought I would present my top 5 favourite beer commercials. Now even because some of these breweries produce what I refer to as swill worthy beer they still are able to produce amusing and clever ads. I suppose you can do that when you are spending less on quality beer ingredients.

So here they are my top 5 beer commercials.


No. 5


No. 4


No. 3


No. 2


I tried to stay away from Australian beer commercials that everyone had seen like the Big ads by Carlton Draught.

Below is the most offensive commercial that I could find, in a world of thinly veiled sexist and racist commercials this one is the worst.

Congratulations Blue Tongue, I will never ever have another one of your beers ever again.



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