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Beer Bread with Spring Onions

One of the most important, if underwhelming, ingredient in bread is what makes the magic of beer, the yeast!

Combine beer with flour, spring onions, cheese and make one of humankinds most amazing inventions, BEER BREAD!

I got so excited when my girlfriend, Rhi, emailed me this recipe from Not Quite Nigella

Now I enjoy cooking sometimes but add beer to the mix and I am in.

Now of course there was a bit of a discussion about what beer to use but in the end we went with the Oettinger Pils. Check out the photos here.

This was literally the most simple to make ever, especially when you factor in the amazing taste. It was beery to the right degree with some excellent flavours from the spring onions. I think in the future I would be chucking in more spring onion and use a variety of cheese like a mix of parmesan and vintage cheddar. Not Nigella is right when she comments that rather than being a true bread, it is more like a damper.

In the future I wonder what it would be like to make it with a beer full of hops. It would be a great one to break out at parties but be careful because without the preservatives it only lasts a couple of days but straight out of the oven it is a wonderful bread that anyone could make and any beer lover should try it, especially if you have left over homebrew.

Till next time, think about have some beer and bread.



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