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Victorville Pale Ale

Good evening peoples, The week end is almost over so that means that it is time for a consolation beer and today’s winner is the local offering is Barossa Brewings Greenock Victorville Pale Ale. It pours out with a smallish head and a light amber colour. It looks very much like an old school british pale […]

The Greek Connection

Hi, Well you couldn’t miss the news that Greece has been bailed out by the EU to the tune of billions of Euros. Well with that news I started to think about what Greece had to offer the world and after going through democracy, good food, a magnificent history and some beautiful landscapes I landed at what this […]

1,001 beers update

Hi guys, If you are interested in starting and tracking your own progress on the 1,001 beers to try before you die you can head to You need twitter to sign in but once you have done it will give you the whole list and will allow you to cross off the beers you […]

1001 beers to try before you die: No 1 Hobgoblin

There comes a time in every privileged persons life nowadays I think where they pick up a 1001 (insert object, place or activity) to do before you die book and say to themselves “Yeah I reckon I could get through that.” I don’t many people do because I think we all forget that a 1,000 is a […]

Coopers Cramp

Hey guys, Today I thought I would write about the state of craft beer in South Australia when compared with the rest of Australia. The reason for this is that there have often be allegations that craft brewery struggles in S.A. because of the quality and grip that Coopers has on the South Aussie market. For so […]

Bottle conditioned Vs. instant gratification

Evening guys, Today I thought I would talk about the immediate enjoyment of beer vs the increased complexity and pitfalls of bottle conditioned beer.  Beer, it is a fresh, made to drink beverage that can be enjoyed and drunk in any variety of ways from anything that can hold liquid. The downside of this fresh and enjoyable ancient […]

Beers for Bucks

Welcome back guys As regular readers of this blog will know I review a bunch of beers which, depending on your point of view and vocabulary, can be described as good quality or wankerish. So with only 15 dollars in my pocket before payday the opportuinty to do something different presented itself to me. What is the […]