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Beers for Bucks

Welcome back guys

As regular readers of this blog will know I review a bunch of beers which, depending on your point of view and vocabulary, can be described as good quality or wankerish. So with only 15 dollars in my pocket before payday the opportuinty to do something different presented itself to me.

What is the best 6 pack of beer that I could get for less than 15 dollars? There are a few laws on how this blog post is going to work so instead of shopping around I have gone to the heart of the evil empire, the Woolworths owned, Dan Murphy’s.  So  I went across to their website and had searched through the 468 beers and ciders on the list to find the best 6 pack priced beers.  

5) Tui- New Zealand’s cheap uni brew was a surprise packet for me when I was over there, sure you got Epic and Montheiths and a whole bunch of other excellent beers. Tui on the other hand is not the best beer in the southern hemisphere, in fact it is not even the best beer in NZ, if it was New Zealand would be a barren waste land for beer. Tui is quite refreshing but not a lot more.

4) Toohey’s Extra Dry (TED’s)- The beer which, to some, typifies the golden shower of carbonated lager that is the bane of the craft brewing industry. Still when you hold it up to other macro lagers TED’s is not nearly as offensive to a beer snob as XXXX or VB. Sure you will drink it from a clear bottle at a sub-zero temperature as fast as you can, but you will enjoy doing it and then enjoy some of their marketing. Did you know that if you fling a deer into the sky it rains beer? Yeah me neither.

Still not sure how it is carbonated.

3) Coopers Pale Ale- The classic 150 year old small brewery (even though it is now the largest Australian owned brewery) offering has a long line of loyal followers who not only love the beer but the efforts that Coopers have gone in order to promote home brewing. The brew is cloudy, filling and swirling with sediment, so make sure that you roll it. It is a standard beer which shows that not all beer needs to be tasteless yet can still be consumed everywhere in Australia. Never have I heard anyone say they won’t have a Coopers, case closed. 


2) Kingfisher Premium Lager- The only imported beer on this list (we all know NZ is part of Australia) comes from India and while the name of premium might be slightly misleading but that doesn’t make it an awful beer just a less than honest marketing division. The beer comes out with a thick head and it definitely is on the sweet malty side of the equation. I would hazard a guess that this beer is not an all grain, purity law adhering brew but is probably chock a block with corn sugar which explains why this beer can fit into this list. It is light, refreshing and clears off your palate, Kingfisher pairs well with spicy Indian but does not enhance the meal much like a boyfriend or girlfriend who is there but doesn’t make your life any better, a definite settler.  

1) Hahn White – An Australia macro takes on a Belgium style wit beer, but not just any wit beer, a low carb wit beer. People, myself included get sucked in by marketing which was then boosted by a friends recommendation. Let me make it clear that this is not a worthy substitute for Hoegaarden if you have money in your pocket. It is a good choice if you own an orange tree and enjoy a milder wheat beer. It is yellowish with some extreme carbonation  and is pretty see through. It looks good and refreshing and when you taste it you know that it is. This beer is not going to challenge you, it’s not going to make you book a one way ticket to Belgium and give up everyone you know to work at a small artisan brewery and grow wheat just for your new wit beer. It will however be a fun new way for mainstream beer drinkers to enjoy a little novelty, a different style and an addition to their beer which actually adds something to the taste, unlike the dry little lemon slice you have stuffed into the neck of your Sydney brewed Corona.

So if you are running a little dry and light on money any of these beers will more than satisfy you and yours until pay day, enjoy it.

Until next time beer drinkers


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