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1001 beers to try before you die: No 1 Hobgoblin

There comes a time in every privileged persons life nowadays I think where they pick up a 1001 (insert object, place or activity) to do before you die book and say to themselves “Yeah I reckon I could get through that.” I don’t many people do because I think we all forget that a 1,000 is a pretty high number let alone 1,001.

Still I thought I would plunge myself into this craze as a Johnny Come Lately, I don’t think people would mind because after all it is fashionable to come to a party late, right? Okay maybe not when it comes to getting on to a craze bandwagon but I don’t mind I think I will do it anyway.

So without further musings I present to you the first of at least a few entries into the completely unoriginal idea of surviving through the 1001 Beers to try before you die!




















I apologise, for some reason no matter  how many different ways I tried to edit  this picture it would always go any way but the right way up.

The Hobgoblin is a British made amber ale which pours a shade or two lighter then your Coca Cola. It is made up of pale, crystal and chocolate malt combined with the traditional English hops of Fuggle and Styrian. It was first made in 1988 as a gift to a local publican for his daughter’s marriage. Since then Wychwood as been brought by English brewing giant Marston’s.

This beer is deliciously malty with a little bit of caramel, sweetness and stone fruit when you give it a whiff. The head quickly dies away after pouring it from the bottle but it is still supplied with a good level of carbonation raising from the bottle of the glass. I tasted a little bit of banana under the balanced malt sweetness of this beer. I wasn’t so keen on this esthery sort of taste but boy did the beer finish well with some crisp bitterness and some plummy sorts of notes. This would be an excellent beer to have on a colder evening with some stew, especially if you needed to stay away from the higher alcohol and darker beers since it is now only at 4.5% down from 5% . This change was made to help out with sales which it has and the creative labelling has allowed for Hobgoblin to become the 5th highest selling bottled ale in the United Kingdom.  

So there you have it the first step on a long and dare I say it, near impossible journey.

Till next time beer drinkers





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