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The Greek Connection


Well you couldn’t miss the news that Greece has been bailed out by the EU to the tune of billions of Euros. Well with that news I started to think about what Greece had to offer the world and after going through democracy, good food, a magnificent history and some beautiful landscapes I landed at what this blog post is going to be about, the Greek beer that you will most often see here in Australia, Mythos.

Now the big question, can Mythos save the Greek economy?


Well the answer, of course, is a firm no! That still doesn’t mean that this beer cannot be good.

Mythos is the second largest brewery in Greece and is owned by the mega giant corporation that loves the elephant, the Carlsberg Group since 2008. Since that time the majority of the business going on there has been about importing German beers and Guiness into Greece. Well the end result of it is that there is no way this beer is going to drag Greece out of a deep dark recession.

Now to the beer!

Mythos is a pale straw coloured lager which looks very much like your favourite Australian macro lager. The taste is slightly better but  not by much. The website lists that there are no adjuncts in the beer but I definitely got a sort of corn starchy sort of taste that left a little unpleasantness in my throat and definitely covered up any bitterness that may have made this beer more enjoyable.

On the plus side it looks good in a glass and has a unicorn on the label, thats cool right? We all love unicorns, they make beer better, right?

The head retention is good and the beer creates a little bit of lacing, like I said before it looks great but it never quite lives up to it when you taste it. It is a very simple beer which can be enjoyed ice cold and straight out of the bottle. Try it of you want to look like you are drinking something exotic but tastes the same as something you might get here in Australia. Definitely do not pay import price for one.

Their website is here if you want to check it out. On a lighter note check out the video at the bottom of the page, it is in Greek but the person who can make the funniest caption up about the video will get a good beer on me next time we meet.

Till next time guys, stay out of the heat.




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