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Victorville Pale Ale

Good evening peoples,

The week end is almost over so that means that it is time for a consolation beer and today’s winner is the local offering is Barossa Brewings Greenock Victorville Pale Ale.

It pours out with a smallish head and a light amber colour. It looks very much like an old school british pale as opposed to those new fangled American pales.  When I taste it across as a little passionfruit, a little bit of spice and a touch of citrus.

The smell of this beer is one of infinite promise and potential. The carbonation level is moderate and the head doesn’t rise particularly high in the glass.

On tasting the beer you get a slightly overstated hoppy beer, for a classic pale ale, and some stone fruits which make this very pleasant, near the middle of the tasting the maltiness kicks in and balances the beer out and helps it fly right.  The beer finishes well and makes for an excellently quaffable beer which on a warm day, with friends and some groovy music. If you drink this as soon as you get out of the fridge expect for the beer to develop more fruity characteristics as it warms up a little so don’t feel pressured to drink this at supersonic speed.

All up this is a good if not excellent beer that is more then drinkable so get into it and support your local brewer.

unfortunately the Barossa Brewing Company appears not to make this beer anymore, or at least it doesn’t appear on their website but you should still pick up the rest of their range, especially the Millers Wheat Ale.




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