Mikkeller Sorachi Ace Single Source IPA

Good evening beer drinkers,

Tonight we take it up a notch in terms of beer quality. Tuesday night saw me and a bunch of friends slide our way into the best pub in Adelaide for beer, hands down for the Wheatsheaf. Some days I take it easy, drink something safe and comfortable but today I was ready to crank it up and try something special. The Tuesday night special for me came from one of my favourite breweries, Mikkeller .

This was one of the gypsy brewers single series, an IPA made with the Sorachi Ace hops. So may I present to you the Mikkeller Hop Series Sorachi Ace. I only had the butcher because it was expensive and I had to drive my automobile.

People always rave about the genius of Mikkeller and I would usually count myself among those beer fanatics but I am sorry I felt that there was something off-putting about this one, that was my first impression anyway. When introducing the Sorachi Ace to my olfactory all I got was the smell of wort. The wort is the unfermented and uncarbonated beginnings of beer and this smelt more like wort then the stuff sitting in my fermenter at home. As you can see from the picture the beer comes out of the tap with a light honey colour with a thin, almost non-existent head.

The beer on the taste buds has a big hoppy beginning which smooths out after the initial spike to gently coat your tongue with a wonderful but not at all harsh bitterness. As opposed to the regular big american IPA there is very little fruity or herbal notes in this IPA. Rather there is a sort of sweetness that is not all malt driven. I  found the Mikkeller offering to be a little sticky and it brought to mind vague recollections of a sweet sticky dessert wine.

I certainly didn’t find this beer to be overly fruity and it will never top my list of Mikkeller beers yet at the same time I found it interesting if not particularly easy to like. The overall effect of the beer that I walked away with was “Well that was worth a try and Sorachi is not a hop that I am totally not going to be brewing with any time soon.”

There are plenty of better beers on tap at the Wheaty so enjoy.



5 comments on “Mikkeller Sorachi Ace Single Source IPA

  1. How do you get Mikkeller in Australia? Is it distributed or is it one of the thing that every beergeeks that travels to Europe brings in the suitcase?


    • I got Mikkeller from the Wheatsheaf Hotel here in Adelaide but if you can’t find a good pub which carries some Mikkeller near you then have a look online at http://www.internationalbeershop.com.au


      • thanks, but I’d definitely not order European beer from Australia, living in Israel 😉 Still curious about your locals though and there are a few of them in the 1001 book I’ve been following as well. So far, other than Foster’s only Cooper’s is sold here.


      • Are there any in particular? You could and see how it ages crossing the world and remove the temptation of drinking it early 🙂


      • There are: 3 Ravens White, Alpha Pale Ale,Black Wattle Original Ale, Bluetongue Traditional Pilsner, Cascade Stout, Red Hill Christmas Ale, Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale, Dogbolter Dark Lager, First Harvest Ale, Forester Pale Ale,Hef, Hightail Ale, Huon Dark Ale, James Boag’s Premium Lager, James Squire Golden Ale, James Squire Original Amber Ale, James Squire Pilsener, Knappstein Reserve Lager, Little Creatures Pale Ale, Moo Brew Pilsner, Moonshine, Murray’s Best Extra Porter, Red Duck Porter, Redoak Baltic Porter, Redoak Framboise Froment, Redoak Special Reserve, Roger’s Beer, Red Hill Scotch Ale, Southwark Old Stout, Stone&Wood Pale Lager (and then a bunch of NZ beers too 🙂 ) If you ever wish to trade for Israeli micros and if it’s even possible (I recall Australia having an ultra-strict mail policy), let me know. Also, my name now links to my English blog, which is more relevant to you,


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