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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 1,001 Beers to try before you die #2

Hey guys

So tonight we move on to the second of the 1,001 beers to try list.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

This comes in your typical brown stubbie that you often see people slugging back in the form of Victoria Bitter. This is several levels above that, a fitting analogy would be comparing the height of a high-flying eagle to that of a common garden earthworm. This is the beer that is one of the first and best craft breweries in America. Along side Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale inspired the future of the craft brewing, not just in America but also across every part of the ‘New World.’

The Sierra Nevada Pale was born in the 1980’s & won a string of awards from the late 80’s through to the mid 90’s and in this time it lost ground that it had carefully cultivated for craft beer to other more adventurous brewers but regardless this beer will always be the Grandfather of Craft Beers.

The Specifics: It comes in a Brown 12 oz stubbie and pulls out 1.6 standard drinks at 5.6 alcohol percentage.

The Review: This beer pours into your standard pint glass a golden orange sunrise sort of colour with a rich banquet of floral aromas like oranges and limes. There is a touch of sweetness pushing through these nice smells to pleasantly round out the nasal induced activities of the beer tasting program.

I found this beer to wonderfully balanced even if not a great explosion of flavour in my mouth. After writing that I thought “Who the hell wants an explosion in their mouth?”  I think that perfectly sums up the SN Pale Ale, it is a great example of style without being earth shattering and is wonderfully smooth so that you could smash your way through a six pack and enjoy the taste of every mouthful.

The beer flavours from the aroma founded a pleasant partner in the form of some nice grassiness. It sounds weird but trust me, it’s a very good combo.  

All up this is a beer that, while not the cream of the crop any more, is still one of the greats of the beer world and will continue to be a mainstay in it for the next twenty years.  If you are not sure pick it up from your Dan Murphy’s along with the Torpedo IPA and the Kellerweis. The alternative is you could go to Melbourne Street Cellars and pick up the more extended range with the Celebration Ale.

Just one final note before I sign off, beer cans are making a come back and Sierra Nevada are looking to get it. Cans remove the chance of creating light damage, are easier to transport and better for the environment.

So for tonight, enjoy good beer.




One comment on “Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 1,001 Beers to try before you die #2

  1. Hey Justin in Australia! It’s great to read your review about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale being available “down under”. I was not aware that they exported so far was from Chico CA. I agree completely with your review of SN Pale ale. It’s a very good beer and does not “knock my socks off”. But, should every beer be expected to, as you so well said? Maybe just a small “explo” occasionally will do. LOL
    Sierra Nevada, if you do not yet know, is expanding. Last month I wrote an article about their moving east to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s a beautiful area that
    I’ve been to many times bicycling and hiking – or just being there. You may want to read it and enjoy the beautiful photos of the area. I enjoyed your review. Have a g’day!

    David Ivey
    Black Bucket Brew Inbox Magazine Editor

    PS. Now only 999 more to go! Enjoy. 🙂


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