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Pikes Genuine Stout

Good evening guys,

Today we look at Pikes Genuine Stout

There is some confusion slash I couldn’t find out whether that it is made by Pikes of Oakbank because the logos are exactly the same but there is no reference to it on their website. Conversely Ratebeer has it being brewed by Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company. The entry for the Pikes Oakbank Beer makes no mention of Hargreaves though so confusion runs rife in a brand that is contract brewed.

Either way the best thing about this beer was the label. This is not to say that the Genuine Stout is a bad beer, just that it has an impressive label.

Still it raises the question that I have thought about, has anyone had a false stout? Was there a difference in flavour? Did you stare accusingly at the beer and say “Hey I know you beer, you are a porter, not a genuine stout! Stop jerking me around.”

Anyway enough prattling about semantics which probably don’t interest anyone except me and people interested in the phenomena of contract brewing. Incidentally contract brewing is when you outsource the brewing of your beer to another brewery which has excess space. Some people feel really strongly about it. The McLaren Vale Beer Company outsourced the brewing of it’s range for a time to prove itself as a brand before investing in a brewery. Most of the Corona and mega swill from overseas is contract brewed here in Australia.

Well I can see that I deviated a little again.

Pike’s Genuine Stout pours out a rich dark colour with a fluffy head that is large but unsubstantial. It laces the glass well which is nice to look at and tells me that the glass is clean which also makes me feel a bit better about the establishment that I was in.

As you can see from the second picture there the stout comes in at 5.2% which is 1.5 standard drinks which is in the average to low-end of the beer spectrum.

As for taste it had a great front end of liquorice and a sort of chocolatey blackberry flavour. Unfortunately this quickly vanishes and leaves you with very little. There is a touch of sweet malt but not a lot more. This really let me down because from a stout I expected a bigger sort of finish instead it ventures into porter or even into dark ale sort of territory.

This beer was definitely like a Melbourne Cup bolter which reaches the first turn in the lead which excites the punters but hobbles lame into the finish line. With a wealth of good stout existing out there this is not one that I would be revisiting.

On a positive note, I got this from the Kings Head Hotel and the food was wonderful accompanied by a wonderful beer list from South Australia.

Well till next time.




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