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1,001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die: Turbodog


No we are not talking about animated dogs who race cars rather today I writing about a beer south of the Mason Dixon line in the U.S. of A. Abita’s Turbodog.

My 6 pack of the dark dog came from a considerate brother after he spent time in New Orleans a while back.

The Turbodog started life off as a speciality beer but sales exploded and it is now one of the mainstays which keep Abita afloat and in the black.

fortunately for me and the beer enjoying populace of the world Abita was mostly untouched by Hurricane Katrina. Evidence that craft beer is all about in the community it belongs in certainly can be found in Abita because the second the dust settled in New Orleans the brewery started to produce the Fleur De Lis Restoration Ale in which proceeds from the sales went to help rebuild the city. I think what really impressed me was that this was not just a one time thing. Abita has brewed and donated for several other causes such as the S.O.S. (Save Our Shores) where money raised was donated to help the clean up of a massive oil spill and to support fishermen who had lost earnings and the recently named Saint Gleason Imperial Red Ale which is raising money to try to cure Lou Gehrig’s disease. Still I think that is enough about the social good that craft beer can do to its community, let’s get onto the beer.

Turbodog is a dark amber beer which is 5.6% and has, as all american beers advertise on their websites, 168 carbs. It has a strong malty aroma. There was absolutely no hoppy characters but there was a toffee and chocolate sort of smell coming from the glass which counteracted any problems I might have had with the absence of fruity hop notes. To be fair unless you are having a dark IPA you shouldn’t be getting those sort of fruity smells from a dark beer.

When I tasted the beer it was creamy and well-rounded without being all fluffy and unsubstantial. The chocolate like flavours I could pick up from smelling the beer came through nicely and didn’t linger overly long, just enough for it to be pleasant rather than becoming a flavour that it is like a champion athlete who has stayed in the game too long and is limping along to retirement.

The Abita website recommends enjoying this beer with red meat, Cajun fish or cheddar cheese. They also recommend using it to cook cabbage or greens. I don’t know whether that is a southern USA thing or not but to me it just seems strange. I would never cook green vegetables in beer, if someone served it to me I might try it but I don’t think it would be something I would make myself until someone convinced me otherwise.

Just one more thing before I finish up. This coming Friday afternoon I am planning a trip to the  Gulf Brewery so if you are interested then let me know, either by commenting on the blog, facebook page or message me. Lifts can be arranged!




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