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1,001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die: Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

Hey Guys,

ANZAC day means remembering the sacrifice that young Australians made in service to their country. Since becoming more acquainted with the military I have learnt more about the respect but also that drinking with your friends is part of mateship and with that I present a special second blog post for ANZAC day 2012, a beer from the motherland.

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

It is an English Brown Ale which comes in a 500 mL bottle at 5% which corresponds to 2.2 standard drinks.

Samuel Smith’s oldest Yorkshire’s oldest brewery, called The Old Brewery, dating from 1758. The Smith’s did not own the brewery until 1847 and it didn’ become Samuel Smith’s until 1886.

Samuel Smith’s is all about the Yorkshire traditions, local pubs are delivered their beer by horse and cart, the water for the beers is still drawn from the traditional well near the brewery (according to their website) they also have used the same strain of yeast for the last 100 years. 

This beer is also made using the traditional Yorkshire Squares technique which is used by the big Yorkshire breweries, Theakston’s, Black Sheep and Samuel Smith. The technique almost 300 years old and involves a two story system and slate from Wales.     

This beer has a nice fluffy head and is a smooth looking brown colour. The aromas of this beer are like treacle, a little christmas pudding on the nose. Nutty & smooth with a sort of caramelly buttery undercurrent which would make this a great beer to go with something a little bit greasy such as fish and chips. I found nothing in the way of bitterness but for once it didn’t matter at all, this beer didn’t need it.  

I think if I had to choose between this beer and the Newcastle Brown, Samuel Smith’s would win hands down. It is perfectly sessionable and with a level of complexity which makes this beer intriguing to drink but not enough to complicate the taste buds. Absolutely wonderful, one of my favourite beers in a long time and certainly the best Brown Ale I have ever had.

Till next time beer fans



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