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Welcome to the Trappe family

Welcome to the Trappe family

I have been looking to the Belgium component of the 1,001 beers you must try before you die and I think it is going to be the hardest, not only because it is so extensive but being able to pronounce any of the names is next to impossible for me. However you need to start somewhere and […]

BrewDog “There is No Santa”

Welcome to the Sunday evening almost winter warmer review. Tonight I had the pleasure of enjoying BrewDog’s “There is no Santa.” Now for everyone who doesn’t know BrewDog are self-styled rebels who like to give the finger to the established beers in Brittain. I put it down to being Scottish, this beer is 4.7% and I admit I […]

Friday nights at the Wheatsheaf

Hey guys I know I have been a bad blogger lately, so to make up for it I am introducing this new regular Saturday post called “Friday Nights at the Wheatsheaf” Lately I have spent my Friday nights at Adelaide’s best beer pub, the Wheatsheaf, where I can taste some of the best beers that the world […]