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Friday nights at the Wheatsheaf

Hey guys

I know I have been a bad blogger lately, so to make up for it I am introducing this new regular Saturday post called “Friday Nights at the Wheatsheaf”

Lately I have spent my Friday nights at Adelaide’s best beer pub, the Wheatsheaf, where I can taste some of the best beers that the world has to offer and now I can bring them to you, fresh and lively.

So on the evening on the 18th of May the following beers got poured for my drinking pleasures:

Feral Brewing Watermelon Warhead: This is a Berliner Weiss beer at 2.9%. It is a distinct pale yellow and something to be tried, don’t be put off by the low alcohol, this beer is certainly full of flavour. The beer is a ‘sour’ beer so don’t expect to see big hop notes rather it is very much like having a watermelon war head. It will make you pucker up a bit when you first taste it, especially if you are not expecting it. The head brewer at Feral Brewing in W.A. cites the beer as being refreshing, I don’t know if I can join him on that claim, I don’t image sitting down with a six-pack of this beer but limiting myself to a pint is  an enjoyable experience.  Definitely a beer worth trying even if just for the experience of realising the depth of flavour that you can get with beers and to have tasted a sour beer, something that doesn’t cross my, and I suspect your,  palate very often.

Talking about beers which test your palate, the next one is something that very few people will want to try a mouth full of, let alone a pint. The best I could manage was a butcher.

Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude 7%: I have heard so much about this beer and its challenging nature. The opportunity to give it a whirl was one I was not going to let pass me by. The bar staff at The Wheaty make sure to give everyone who orders one a taste before they fill a glass, wise move. I saw a lot of people scrunch their face before the liquid even touched their lips. Still I was going to be a beer warrior and take on all comers, so fill up that small butcher. I did say warrior, not beer berserker. 

The common wisdom is that you should not use more than 10% peated malt in a beer. Well if you are the crazy cross Tasman Yeastie Boys then you throw that wisdom in the trash and use 100% peated malt and sell it off to the Scotch drinking crowd as the beer which will take you back to Islay. It smells of a straw fire inside a thatched hut where you sit by the window and watch the sea spray collide with your porch stones.

Upon tasting it a burnt sort of charcoal sort of smell came through and something a little iodine-y. This is such a polarizing beer and upon passing it around the table,  the number of people who looked at me in a new and, probably not, flattering light increased. Why would you drink that was the common response and all I could do was shrug and comment that I like to try new and different things in the world of beer.

All up I would encourage you too to try this beer if you are of adventurous mind and soul. 

Feral Brewing Hop Hog 5.8%: This beer is quickly becoming my stock standard go to at the Wheaty if I don’t see anything else of interest on the taps. There is a reason that this american style IPA has been decided to be Australia’s number one in the critics choice for 2011. It is fruity, slightly bitter and a wonder to look at. It has a strong finish and I like that, definitely check this out ASAP.


Till next time brew fans



One comment on “Friday nights at the Wheatsheaf

  1. Hi. Nice site. We should catch up for a beer some time. You can normally find me at the Wheaty on Friday and many other days for that matter.


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