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BrewDog “There is No Santa”

Welcome to the Sunday evening almost winter warmer review.

Tonight I had the pleasure of enjoying BrewDog’s “There is no Santa.” Now for everyone who doesn’t know BrewDog are self-styled rebels who like to give the finger to the established beers in Brittain. I put it down to being Scottish, this beer is 4.7% and I admit I am excited to try it because it is the first time I have had a spiced beer like this.

Even when your pour it out this beer looks like the top of an uncooked pudding, like after you have just beaten the mixture.

Pouring it into a glass this Christmas special reminds me of cola with a whole heap of tiny bubbles. When I poured it, maybe too sedately I got a very thin head which folded into itself pretty quickly.

On the aroma I could pick it out from across the kitchen, warming notes of raisins, sweet cinnamon and ginger. It smells like the Christmas cake that a relative brings every christmas and, at least in my parents house, ends up in the freezer for time immortal.  It is a pleasant smell, even if it might end up stuffed in the back of a freezer in its cake form.



O wow you can feel this one from the moment it hits the back of your throat warming your entire body down to your little toe. It is full of cinnamon that I could pick up while smelling and then it was backed up with some dark treacle sort of toffee flavours that made this beer a bit sticky. Yet for all that it is not chokingly sweet or really heavy. It is perfectly balanced and perfectly lovely. The brewers at BrewDog like to think of themselves as the punks of the beer world so they would probably be offended by anyone calling their beer lovely but I think they just ned to suck it up. They have built something to be proud of and for someone who has not had a Christmas special beer I found it to be utterly delicious. Give it a try for sure.

 I am still hunting for a bottle of Thomas Hardy Old Ale, so if anyone can help me track down this increasingly rare beer that would be much appreciated.




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