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Wednesday Wheaty


This Friday just gone was an incredible let down, purely because most of the Friday night Wheaty crew had a work function and couldn’t attend, how selfish of them! Instead of writing about Friday nights at the Wheaty we will be talking about Wednesday night at the Wheaty and its ninth birthday.

On this Wednesday night I got to knock off another beer from the 1,001, Green Flash’s West Coast IPA. It is a 7.3 % beer with four different hop varieties of Simcoe, Columbus, Cascade and Centennial and 95 IBUs. It is a well constructed India Pale Ale with a tight head and a burnt orange colour which was quite dense. I got notes of Pine and a little citrus when giving it a whiff but nothing overpowering. When I tasted it I got a good dose of hoppy bitterness that you expect from an American IPA but nothing that pushed my taste needle to the extreme end of the dial. The closer I got to the bottom of the glass the more bitterness I got  but I am happy putting that down to the cumulative effect of the hops.

When tasting the beer I get a three-pronged taste of pine, citrus and a little grapefruit. Where this beer excels is in its drinkability, you could safely come back and pick up this beer every day if IPAs are your thing. Sure if I had to pick between the Hop Hog and this I would still pick the Hop Hog but not by much. Get into this beer if you are looking for something bitter and fruity without the extremes that some IPA’s can get to.

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