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Friday Night at the Franklin

This  weeks regular Friday night at the Wheaty was disrupted by young unionist drinks at the Franklin Street Hotel.

It was a different place but there was  still good beer and good beer with a little novelty.  Let me present to you…

The Franklin Hotel’s Mystery Beer.

Yes be skeptical of the quality of beer you will receive but once you order one of the mysteries brown bags a whole world opens up to you. Inside the societal symbol for homelessness is a wealth of good beer, think about Fat Yak, Mac’s Black, Budvar, Grolsch and others. The mystery and the novelty always makes that pre-beer drinking even better.

Keeping on the beer trail, the Franklin Street Hotel also carries the McLaren Vale Beer Company’s EXP which are their experimental beers, the one on tap at the Franklin is a stout and it is delicious.

So if you are looking for a winter warmer go to 92 Franklin Street grab a pint of Vale EXP, a mystery beer in a bag  or enjoy a delicious cocktail out of a jam jar.

Enjoy your sunday.





One comment on “Friday Night at the Franklin

  1. Hi

    Couldn’t find an email on the site so thought I would post here. I don’t do facebook. I’m running a weird beer tasting session at the Wheaty on July 7 and thought I would check if you wanted to come. Have about a dozen people so far. Details are here http://arseh.at/17bx



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