breaking up with the bottle shop

There is a time in everyone’s life where you need to make tough decisions about the things in your life.

Recently I had to make a big decision and that was to walk away from you, Dan.

You see you just don’t satisfy my needs anymore. Sure you have worked hard to keep mixing it up but since that initial spurt you have not grown into the place I care to visit anymore.

You put on this great face of diversity and understanding but at the end of the day you are stuck in this world of big business where it is all about the profits and I don’t want to be with someone who is all about the dollar figures and not at all about the craft and creativity.

The loss of some great things from your shelves such as Duchy Organic Ale among others was the final blow. I want out.

Dan Murphy’s we are broken up, unless you can woo me back I will be doing my craft beer shopping else where.

Okay enough of that. As I continue to enjoy my beer journey I have made the decision, Dan’s is just not cutting it for me anymore. it was a great place to start  a learning experience but it lacks depth.

So to finish off this break up I am going to list my 5 favorite places to buy beer from in Adelaide.

5) Parafield Airport Liquor: Unusual perhaps but with the Mikkeller specials in stock and the only place I have seen Kooinda beers in the state this is a place to drop in and see.

4) Vintage Cellars Central Market: A good selection of international beers from the US and UK that I have not seen in other places

3) Boho drive through: A wide range of craft beers and special editions that often come in the 750 ml bottles

2) Goodwood Cellars: Specializing in American craft beers and NZ such as 8 Wired, Epic and Yeastie Boys

1) Melbourne Street Cellars: The biggest range of imported craft beers and one of from a large number of countries.

So if you, like me, have finished the honeymoon period at Dan Murphys check out some of these other options.



P.S. I have left of pubs where you can purchase bottled beer over the bar and cellar doors.


2 comments on “breaking up with the bottle shop

  1. Good move. Everyone should support the independent retailers. They probably look after the beer too. Unlike Dan who leaves pallets of beer sitting out in the sun to die. Cheers!


  2. Melbourne St stocks Kooinda too!


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