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Unibroue Terrible

The beer world in Australia has been poorer since Unibroue pulled it’s beers from Australia to concentrate on the North American market.

The likes of La Fin Du Monde, Maudite and Chambly, All Gone!

It was a tragic day for everyone that had enjoyed La Fin Du Monde but fortunately I found a terrible substitute in the form of Unibroue’s Terrible Belgium Dark Ale. (Sorry I had to make to make at least one terrible joke)

 This Canadian brewery based in Quebec was one of the first to start brewing Belgium style beers in 1990. The original Terrible was made for a small Canadian market mostly out of festivals. The popularity of Terrible saw it become a beer that Unibroue would export across North America and, eventually, Australia. The brewery got bought out and is currently owned by Sapporo International yet I have not seen a drop in quality.

 The beer pours out a dark brown with glimmers of red shinning through the gloom.

This is a big beer, it has a huge alcohol level, all encompassing taste and an aroma that promises something complex.

This is a promise delivered, a ‘core’ promise if you will. The taste is full of  dark molasses and a smidgen of treacle. Present when you drink this beer is candied dark fruits like figs, dates and other fruit like that.

That Belgium yeast and candied sugar rushes at you once that first dark fruit taste subsides. The final touch is a strong sort of alcoholic warming that reminds you that you are not drinking a soft drink but rather you are enjoying a classic and traditional beer which has been made for sharing on a cold night with a good friend or two.

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy what’s left of it.




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