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Hahn Hacks

For those of you who get Brews News in your inbox this won’t be big news but for the rest of you I am calling Hahn out as a hack brewery and a tease.

For a long time I have been hoping that the big brewers would step up and take on something with a little risk which could be a little different.
Then they did!
A bacon beer in a smoke style, great work and something rarely seen in Australia.
Then I read the fine print, Not available commercially! Wtf?
Why send out a release put it up on your website if you don’t mean to actually make it.
I am making this excellent beer with gold, pure sunlight and hops grown in Valhalla but it will never be seen by anyone ever.
Hahn what a piece of pure hackery. Thanks for giving me a new reason to hate big brewers. Here is the link to their website if you want to check it out yourself http://www.hahn.com.au/ and http://www.hahn.com.au/index?i=1#pioneering
See you next time
A pissed off


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