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1001 beers to try: Dark Forces from Norway

One of the problems with Norway is the fact that the beer industry is heavily controlled by the government which means that breweries not publicly owned often have to pay through the nose to get their product to the market. Haand Bryggeriet is one of those breweries that have taken up the challenge and for that reason they have created today’s offering “Dark Force”

Dark Force

Dark Force is 9% which from the 500 mL bottle equates to 3.6 standard drinks. Now people classify the Dark Force as a stout and when you pour this treacle thick beer its dark nature makes any other classification a bit of a bleak proposal but considering it is made with wheat it definitely gets me confused at least on reading the description.

The tasting however erasers all doubts.

This beer tastes amazing even drunk slightly out of season and on an empty stomach. Rich and satisfying with dark slightly burnt chocolate, molasses and strong malts. Any sort of harshness that could come from such a dense stout is well-rounded out by the kind of smoothness that wheat brings to the beer, outside of that I didn’t really pick up any sort of wheat beer characteristics. This beer is certainly not a wheat beer and is firmly a stout and a mighty fine one at that.

This is probably one of Norway’s finest and you should, if in the depth of winter find yourself at the Melbourne Street Cellars grab a bottle of this, you will not be disappointed.




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