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Summer means beers

The Christmas season has delivered again and so to have a number of Australian made Christmas beers which seem to have become a thing despite the climate being highly inappropriate for dark beers seasoned with all spice and ginger. Still they are enjoyable beers but I think if the beers were rebadged Winter Solstice beers I would love them even more. The fact that my cousin shouted me a bottle of Goodiesons Christmas Ale was something that brightened my day a whole bunch so don’t take this as complaining.

Other than to muse upon the misdirection of Christmas beers this post is about the 5 beers I think people should be coveting for this holiday season.

1) Kooinda Belgian Witbier: Wheat beers are often some of my favorite summer beers, light and refreshing Kooinda do it wonderfully, especially when I have a little extra money in my pocket. Definitely pick up some of this next time you have a BBQ, especially if you are grilling some chicken or maybe some squid.

2) Feral Brewings Watermelon Warhead: A light beer at just 2.9% this tart and sour sparkling beer is wonderful refreshing but to the best of my knowledge is only available on tap but I have tasted it several times at the Wheatie so try your luck.

3) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: One of the grandfathers of craft brewing is this wonderful beer from the US of A and thankfully it is in most of your big bottle shops now so you should have no problem tracking down this thirst quencher which comes with some awesome doses of flavour.

4) 4 Pines Kolsch: The German style beer is lively without being all-consuming or Tolstoy deep but rather enjoyable in a summery way when you want to shoot the breeze a little. It is without doubt a day time beer.

5) Lobethal Bierhaus Pale Ale: If the Kolsch is a midday beer this is a sunset beer definitely, still perfect for a summer evening and one of my favourite South Australian offerings. A bit fruity, a little bit more bitter than the rest of the beers on this list but certainly not extreme.

So go forth scour your bottleshops and craft beer pubs in the search of the beers which will make quench your thirst and probably make you much more sociable.

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One comment on “Summer means beers

  1. Speaking of Lobethal, gave the Chocolate Oatmeal Stout a go over xmas. Pretty good.


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