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Caterpillar Pale Ale

Today has a bit of a collaboration feel with a beer jointly made between between Denmark based Beer Here and the Italian craft brewery Brewfist.
The most striking thing about this beer has to be the label with a wonderfully elaborate tribute to Charles Dodgson’s most famous work, Alice in Wonderland. The perpetually stoned looking caterpillar from the Disney film is surrounded by hops while a classically dressed Alice has her arms raised triumphantly above her head and beer in hand while rather creepily two bearded men, presumably the brewers, watch rather stalkerishly from the hop filled undergrowth. Despite some of the creepy messages in this label it’s pretty cool looking but what about the product?



Caterpillar pale ale has 50 IBU’s which is on the high end for a pale but no where near the extreme end of the spectrum. It is also followed with 5.8% which again is on the high side but not out of the realm of what is possible or has been done. The beer itself pours a hazy orange sunset colour with a pure white head that thins out but then lingers around.


Speaking of oranges I get a little bit of orange flavour when I taste it but that is hidden behind a raw, almost harsh hop bitterness which gives this beer something extra. The bitterness lingers and gives this beer a long finish which sticks with you but on taking that very first mouthful I felt like it was a little bit thin, a little bit watery and that maybe that extra long bitterness makes up for it. If you like your beers bitter like on the double IPA spectrum then this would probably be easy drinking on a hot summer day but I certainly would not have more than one of these beers in a session. That does not stop this being an extremely good beer which can satisfy a thirst but it’s probably not for me now that I have tried it. If you like your pales a bit bigger then the average I would say to grab one of these or more. You can get them from Goodwood Cellars here in Adelaide.

One comment on “Caterpillar Pale Ale

  1. Big fan of the label and the beer


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