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Brother Thelonious

Brother Thelonious badges itself as a Belgium style abbey ale made by the North Coast Brewing Co. in the United States. This beer was made to support jazz education as every bottle sold gets a donation from North Coast the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.  As big jazz enthusiasts know the name of Thelonious Monk because he is the second most recorded jazz musician in history behind Duke Ellington, note that 70 tracks is a lot for the Thelonious to record but the Duke recorded a 1,000 so I would say the difference is probably roughly between me and Usain Bolt over a 100 metres.


This dark abbey style weighs in at 9.4% which corresponds to 2.6 standard drinks in the 355 ml bottle. The beer pours out a dark mahogany colour and has lots of tiny bubbles running up it with a fizzy head.


The beer smells dark, boozy with preserved stone fruits. Taste wise this is pretty boozy but it is covered with some pretty sweet malt, don’t go looking for anything hoppy or floral about this. It is a welcoming beer that makes you glad to know that you are living in a world where beer can be tasty, respect tradition and do some good for the community.




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