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Craft Beer, is it good for the community?

I don’t think that anyone denies that drinking too beer is damaging to the health of drinker. News and current affair shows are constantly telling the public that alcohol is destroying relationships and costing everyone millions of dollars. When you put it like that why is anyone allowed to drink? I mean beer tastes good but I imagine there are a variety of things which might make me feel good which are illegal. So if that is true, and I understand there are more arguments that can be made about it, can breweries and especially craft breweries benefit society?

As previously written about on this blog, North Coast Brewing makes a beer called Brother Thelonious which helps support the Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute which trains jazz musicians. The question is does this sort of donation make a positive difference? Does it make a difference to a drinker? And does what are the best ‘socially conscious’ beers?

Brooklyn Brewery Company is a company (just one among many) who is using more and more renewable energy, in fact 100% of the energy needed to produce Brooklyn Brewery is produced using wind energy. 

Here is one for all the royalists out there, Duchy Original English Organic Ale spends it’s profits  supporting the The Prince’s Charities Foundation plus when I tried the beer which is now made out at Wychwood Brewing in the U.K. I loved it, plus it was organic. 

You know who else does great things in the community? New Orleans based brewery Abita. With profits from specially made beers such as the Restoration Pale Ale which raised over half a million dollars for Hurricane relief and the S.O.S. which stands for Save Our Shores. 75 cents out of every bottle goes to supporting coastal rehabilitation. 100% of the money from other merchandise goes directly to the S.O.S. fund which has been especially important since the massive oil spill.

At Britain’s oldest brewery Shepard Neame they were quite happy to donate a crate of beer to archaeologists searching for buried Spitfire aircraft in Burma. With the message, “Keep the faith chaps, there’ll be down there somewhere”, cans of the premium Kentish Ale were sent to the dig site near Rangoon International Airport to encourage the team to keep searching.

There are numerous stories of beer doing cool, good and interesting things in the community and I just wanted to write about something a little different then just a beer review. If you do think of anything or remember anything interesting that a brewery has done, feel free to share it.




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