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Tokyo Black

So I’m trying to knock off the Japanese beers in the 1,001 beers to try before you die and I was looking forward to trying something in a can, especially a can that has a sumo wrestler on it. I think even if this had not been in the book I would have been tempted […]

Hitachino Extra High

This is one of the 1,001 beers to try before you die and it is an exciting offering from Japan. I mean how can you not get excited about a beer that chooses an adorable owl as their logo and actively badges themselves as a nest beer.  The Kiuchi brewery started life as a sake […]

3 Ravens White

I’m sorry that the blog hasn’t had a new post for ages and there really has been no excuse for it but it’s time to get back on track. Today’s offering comes from Australian brewery 3 Raven’s. The seeds of the brewery came out of a beer brewed for a wedding and it has since taken […]