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3 Ravens White

I’m sorry that the blog hasn’t had a new post for ages and there really has been no excuse for it but it’s time to get back on track. Today’s offering comes from Australian brewery 3 Raven’s. The seeds of the brewery came out of a beer brewed for a wedding and it has since taken off and a couple of guys took their home brewing to a new level. 


Today’s beer is the 3 Ravens White witbier. It pours out incrediably pale and only just fits into the definition of yellow. This is a wheat beer and it falls into that category really well, it’s very light tasting and certainly not what you would expect if you are in for a run of the mill lager. I didn’t find it to be one of the most flavorsome or complex wheat beers I have ever had. It was very refreshing though and I really enjoyed a big drop of peppery sort of taste in the beer which I don’t usually get from other wheat beers where the characteristics of coriander, orange peel or wheat spiciness are often  more prominent. That’s what really set this beer apart for me. I really enjoyed this beer for it’s interesting point of difference and I would not hesitate to bring this one out for a BBQ and to share with friends especially if grilled chicken was available. Try this out if you can find it, it’s difficult to find in Adelaide but if you get across to Melbourne track it down.




One comment on “3 Ravens White

  1. No need to be sorry. It’s a tough gig writing a beer blog on a regular basis.


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