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Hitachino Extra High

This is one of the 1,001 beers to try before you die and it is an exciting offering from Japan. I mean how can you not get excited about a beer that chooses an adorable owl as their logo and actively badges themselves as a nest beer. 


The Kiuchi brewery started life as a sake distillery a 180 years ago. The craft beer movement took hold in 1996 and all beers out of the distillery/ brewery were rolled out under the Hitachino Nest brand.    

Today’s offering is the Extra High 8% which is a strong Belgian ale which pours out a redish orange. The beer is matured in sake barrels for three months before bottling. The beer has four different malts and two types of hops. 

On smelling the beers I got a very yeasty malty smell which assaulted the olfactory receptors. This was a sign of things to come. 

This reddish coloured ale is very strong and it dominates any other taste in your mouth.  Not only does it smash other tastes out of your mouth but it just refuses to move out. There are some hints of citrus but this is quickly swamped by the malt flavour. This is an excellent beer but doesn’t have the same type of banana esters you get from typical Belgium yeast.

If you have the opportunity, definitely picks this beer up. 




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