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Two Metre Tall Forester Farm Ale

Tasmania has a rich brewing history but you couldn’t say it is leading the charge for craft brewing in Australia. The Two Metre Tall Company is one that is trying to catch up in the race. A genuine Farmhouse Brewery where Ashley and Jane Huntington grow the wheat and hops used in their beers. Ashley has […]

Blandford Flyer

Hall & Woodhouse who operate the Badger beer brand started making beer in 1777 according to their website. Today’s beer, the Blandford Flyer is named in honor of the fly fishers from Dorset. This beer claims to come with a twist of Ginger which can add some character and in the legend of beer is used to […]

Brakspear Bitter

Let’s stick with a theme, That theme is British and in particular Brakspear beers. Today’s focus is Brakspear Bitter. Brakspear Bitter, the same as the triple is Double Dropped but unlike the Triple this is a much more turned down in terms of the alcohol content so hopefully I get more of the intended butterscotch ‘fault’ that […]

Brakspear Triple III

Brakspear Brewing is a brewery that shut down in 2002 after being purchased and rehoused with that excellent brewery called Wychwood.  The family that established Brakspear is related to the only British Pope, Pope Adrian IV. Don’t say that you never learn anything here. Brakspear Beers, in particular the Triple use a traditional method of fermentation that […]

Thornbridge St. Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout

Thornbridge is one of my favourite breweries from the motherland. They do big beers that are especially memorable. The favourite one that I have had so far is the Saint Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout. Thornbridge has been brewing into casks since 2005 and started bottling in 2009 after a surge in popularity. Like the majority of […]

Astor Ale

One of my favourite things about beer is it’s connection to places, events and people. I understand that in many cases these connections, especially the ones blatantly advertised are artificially constructed or created purely for the sense of business but still I usually enjoy that about beer. Mildura Brewery’s Astor Ale is one of those […]