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Thornbridge St. Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout

Thornbridge is one of my favourite breweries from the motherland. They do big beers that are especially memorable. The favourite one that I have had so far is the Saint Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout.

Thornbridge has been brewing into casks since 2005 and started bottling in 2009 after a surge in popularity. Like the majority of brewers from the United Kingdom Thronbridge push the majority of their product out through their own pubs rather then bottles but if you are hunting for Thornbridge in Australia you are going for the bottled stuff. 

The Imperial Russian Stout comes in at a hefty 7.4%. The PDF which goes along with the beer states that there is a minty hop aroma, I didn’t get any of this. I got a big sweety caramelly sort of hit that made me think of the chocolate waterfall in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. 

The rest of the beer follows in suit with some thick treacly flavours once you taste it that stay with you for a long while. I wouldn’t eat anything with this because I feel it would overpower anything you might have on your plate. If you were dead set on having food with this I would be pairing it with something comparable to this beer because I don’t know if a contrast would work. I might try something with dark chocolate or something warming.

However you decide to enjoy this stout it this is a great heavy warming beer to share with friends on a winters night. Just think carefully about your decision to drive afterwards. You can pick up a bottle from the Wheaty sometimes but if they don’t have any pick up something else from Thornbridge.


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