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Brakspear Triple III

Brakspear Brewing is a brewery that shut down in 2002 after being purchased and rehoused with that excellent brewery called Wychwood. 

Brakspear TripleThe family that established Brakspear is related to the only British Pope, Pope Adrian IV. Don’t say that you never learn anything here.

Brakspear Beers, in particular the Triple use a traditional method of fermentation that the brewers refer to as the Double Drop method which see’s the fermenting beer work it’s way from a second story down to the ground floor. As the beer moves down it is filtered to remove the used up yeast and thus encourage healthier fermentation. The brewery claims that this gives the beer a butterscotch taste which is often considered a fault in the beer.  

The Brakspear Triple as you could probably guess is the strongest beer in the Brakspear beer sphoto 2 (2)table at 7.2%. It pours with a massive off white head that asks you to pour it out carefully, more carefully then I did. 

The beer is sweet and tempting with the malt and I don’t know if it was purely a psychological response or whether it was actually there but I definitely got a whiff of butterscotch.   

The beer is bittersweet, I know it is a good beer but I feel like it is a beer made of potential. It is possible that I opened it a little early. I don’t often advocate for cellaring beer but this is one I definitely would. 

I feel like this beer would have more character the longer you left it but for now it is a strong beer with some nice flavours that would be better with time. Chuck this into your cellar next to your Cooper’s Vintage and Southwark Stout.

You can pick this up from Belair Fine Wines. 


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