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Brakspear Bitter

Let’s stick with a theme, That theme is British and in particular Brakspear beers. Today’s focus is Brakspear Bitter.

Brakspear Bitter, the sBrakspear Bitterame as the triple is Double Dropped but unlike the Triple this is a much more turned down in terms of the alcohol content so hopefully I get more of the intended butterscotch ‘fault’ that is supposed to be built in to this beer. I have left this out of the too cold fridge for about 2 hours to enjoy this beer at a more suitable temperature as the English might do. 

The Brakspear Bitter pegs in at 3.4% which is roughly half the strength of the triple from yesterday. 

Let me just say at the very start that this is an excellent example of the style. This British Bitter is delightful to drink and I would hazard to say my favourite that I have had out of a bottle.

It is malty rather then bitter, it is enjoyable at a higher temperature bordering on room temperature. This bitter is a beer that I would enjoy in the late afternoon with some excellent cheese. Though I would say that the 500 mL bottle is a little large for sessionability. On a Sunday afternoon in spring or autumn with friends and an excellent cheese platter there are few things that I would consider better. Don’t wait till spring, grab a bottle now from Belair Fine Wines and hope for milder weather, better yet grab a couple and invite some friends over who appreciate a good aged cheddar.


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