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Blandford Flyer

Hall & Woodhouse who operate the Badger beer brand started making beer in 1777 according to their website. Today’s beer, the Blandford Flyer is named in honor of the fly fishers from Dorset.

photo 1 (9)This beer claims to come with a twist of Ginger which can add some character and in the legend of beer is used to keep the flies off the fishers.    

Still it being winter in Adelaide and my lack of interest in fishing means I am more interested in the quality of this 5.2% bottled amber ale rather then the potential side effects. 

I am going to be honest, I didn’t enjoy this beer, not one little bit! 

I found it to be overly sweet, almost sickly sweet. This first mouthful totally threw me off balance and the first taste is always the most important I think. The ginger taste however is wonderfully balanced which surprised me. This slightly spicy taste did help level the beer a little bit still a not enough for me to enjoy it. I understand that this is probably a good beer to accompany something spicy or to drink quickly on a hot day but I feel like there are better beers that can do both of these things.

Regardless of my opinion this might be something that you would like to try, especially if you are a malt fan or want to try some different ginger beers then grab a bottle because lord knows I will not be trying it again. 


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