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Two Metre Tall Forester Farm Ale

Tasmania has a rich brewing history but you couldn’t say it is leading the charge for craft brewing in Australia. The Two Metre Tall Company is one that is trying to catch up in the race.

A genuine Farmhouse Brewery where Ashley and Jane Huntington grow the wheat and hops used in their beers. Ashley has an extensive background in wine but in 2012 was awarded the Churchill Fellowship to visit the USA, Belgium and the UK where he looked at wild and fruit based brewing. You can read his report here

The things that he learnt have clearly been reflected in the next couple of beers that I will be discussing. The first one is the Forester Bitter Amber Ale. 

042a8632-forester-500-pro-6This beer comes in a 750 mL bottle and is 5.4% which converts to 3.2 standard drinks.

Now the Forester is unfiltered with an injection of live yeast. It is a wonderfully package and marketed product that almost had me convinced I was going to enjoy it before I tasted it. 

The beer pours a dark amber and as it is still live you need to watch for a bit of foaming so don’t open it over your carpet.

The smell is a bit of sour sort of a tangy that I found to be enticing. It has a nice persistent white head that makes any beer look great. Now on to taste, the beer at the very first microsecond feels a little flat on the tongue but the sourness of the beer flies in really quick which then gives way to some nice comforting bitterness which doesn’t confront your taste and makes it quite an enjoyable beer.

If you are in Tassie you can visit the farm for BBQ where you can buy and cook the Two Metre Tall Beef while enjoying a hand pulled farmhouse beer. 


One comment on “Two Metre Tall Forester Farm Ale

  1. […] the second of two reviews of the Tasmanian farm brewery, 2 Metre Tall. You can read the previous review here. The Huon dark apple beer is something that is definitely new to me in terms of flavour and style […]


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