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The To Try 5

So Sunday night my girlfriend and I were out to dinner. I was having an Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager with my sushi (Find the review here) and we were chatting away about the food and I mentioned the match with the beer. Now my partner is not a big craft beer drinking or beer drinking in […]

Riverside Brewing & Beer Cartel Online Tasting

Riverside Brewing & Beer Cartel Online Tasting

Beer tasting without leaving your home, count me in. See the review of the world first online beer tasting with Riverside Brewing Company and Beer Cartel.

Echigo Pilsner

Japan is not really considered craft beer heaven for many people but there is one brewery that has been trying for quite a period now, Echigo. Echigo was Japanese first Brew pub, established in 1995 and had difficulty gaining notice from a Japanese public used to crisp super dry style lagers. Today’s offering, Echigo Pilsner was […]

Dogfish Head Review

This is the second of two Dogfish Head beers I have tor review, here is a hint! Yup there you go, Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch. Midas is named after a real dude who ruled over current day Turkey about 2,700 years ago. When his tomb was discovered in the 1950’s a large selection of drinking vessels, […]

Stone Smoked Porter

If Dogfish Head is a brewery for off centred people then Stone Brewery is a brewery for people who like something a little bit more extreme. I have written about the extreme marketing techniques used by Stone before especially regarding the Arrogant Bastard Ale but regardless of what you think about that, the beer itself is […]

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

I am pretty excited! I really like beer, anyone who has read this or known me would know this but Dogfish Head is a brewery that has been hyped up. The founder, Sam Calagione, is one of the new beer celebrities and I am very curious to see how this brewery stacks up. Overhyped or just […]

A new all South Australian affair

I know I don’t write as much about South Australian beer as much as I should, mostly because I am pretty focused on the 1001 beer challenge. Watch for a unboxing video later this week but something came through my email this week which was pretty exciting. Coopers, Lobethal Bierhaus and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens […]

Mann’s Brown Ale

In a craft beer world full of competition for who can be the most outrageous, have the highest amount of bitterness or a crazy alcohol percentage it is refreshing to try something that has held on to it’s low alcohol traditions. Today’s beer is Mann’s Brown Ale.   Mann’s is a traditional British Brown Ale at […]

2 Metre Tall Huon Dark Ale

This is the second of two reviews of the Tasmanian farm brewery, 2 Metre Tall. You can read the previous review here. The Huon dark apple beer is something that is definitely new to me in terms of flavour and style but hey that is part of beer adventuring, the uncovering of new styles or ingredients to […]

Matso’s Lychee Beer

Broome is considered one of the great getaways for Australians. It also has an interesting history for a place sporting just 14,400 or so residences across the year. This swells to about 45,000 during tourism season. The place was bombed repeadly by the Japanese during W.W.2, was a hive of cultures in the early days […]