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Matso’s Lychee Beer

Broome is considered one of the great getaways for Australians. It also has an interesting history for a place sporting just 14,400 or so residences across the year. This swells to about 45,000 during tourism season. The place was bombed repeadly by the Japanese during W.W.2, was a hive of cultures in the early days as it was used for pearling. There was also racial segreation in Broome until the 1970’s.This interesting history is accurately reflected in an equally as interesting brewery in Matso’s Broome Brewery.

Matso is a reference to a building built in 1910 in Broome, it has been for the most part a bank located in the rather incorrectly named Chinatown part of Broome which was actually in the Japanese red light district. I can understand why it was called Chinatown but I can also see how that could be considered offensive to Japanese people as well. 

Either way in the late 1940’s Sheba Lane which Matso’s was located on was set fire for reasons unknown. It could have been someone disgruntled with the services rendered or it could have something to do with the war in the Pacific, either way Matso’s was one of the few buildings not destroyed but it was sold off to a variety of businesses, changed names several times until the Matso’s name was restored and remains today.

Matso’s like to like to keep a local feel and heritage with their marketing and keep things interesting in a craft beer world obsessed with Imperials and strength either in hops or alcohol volume. For this brewery however it is all about the interesting additives. Their beer range has one pale and a dark lager but with these comlycheees mango, ginger, chilli and lychee beers.

The Lychee Beer is 4.5% comes in a brown 330 mL glass and equates to 1.2 standard drinks. It is definitely a light summer beer and considering today is a wonderfully bright winters day it is almost close enough.

There is a wonderfully enticing fluffy white head on the beer which makes every beer look great if you can produce it. There is not an overpowering smell in general but when you do smell it you can definitely get that sweet sort of fruit lychee smell with a hint of the beer in the back.
Now I know that this is supposed to be a beer for the summer mouths  months so I wasn’t expecting a flavour explosion rather a rather soft easy to knock back sort of beer and that is exactly what I got. It was sweet but not, for me at least, overpowering it was definitely a beer that was relying on the power of a lychee to drive it.

If you haven’t already I would pick up this beer and as any other’s from the Matso’s range because even if you don’t like it what other brewery in Australia is making a Mango or Lychee beer, none as far I know but I could be wrong.



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