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2 Metre Tall Huon Dark Ale

This is the second of two reviews of the Tasmanian farm brewery, 2 Metre Tall. You can read the previous review here. The Huon dark apple beer is something that is definitely new to me in terms of flavour and style but hey that is part of beer adventuring, the uncovering of new styles or ingredients to make something that the drinking had never tried before like using 100 % peated malt like the Yeastie Boys have done with Rex Attitude.

The saphoto (4)me as with the Forester, Huron is a ‘live’ beer and I learnt my lesson when opening that one to expect some high levels of carbonation when the bottle is opened. I am glad I learnt at least one lesson and was prepared for the foam that did come pouring out of the bottle. The head is large and persistent so make sure you give this one a careful pour. If I was you I would blame the presence of the Champagne yeast if you do make a mess at home. It is there, read the label if you don’t believe me.

The colour is a cloudy almost ruby when held up to the light and expect to get the smell of tart and sour apples and I couldn’t pick up much else when trying this beer. It was still enough to get me very interested in trying it. It should be noted here that while the Forester is at the standard 5.2% alcohol by volume the dark apple is at a rather more potent 6.2% by volume which, in Australia, is the equivalent of 3 standard drinks. The website says that the beer is normally 6.5% but that isn’t important as I am not planning on going anywhere after drinking this anyway.

The first taste definitely screams “I am a sour apple” in your face while proceeding to question why you would have sour warheads while you could have sour beer. This pleasant, if more then expected apple taste comes from the 20% whole apple juice that is used. To a couple novice like me that seems almost too much but when life gives you an orchard and barley what are you to do?

This sour quality for me overshadowed everything else that could have been in the beer. I couldn’t tell you about the malt backbone or the hop profile but I can tell you beer is sour but not overly so rather it is just a constant. It is like the friend who comes to help you set up a party, pretends to be the most important person in the room for the entire time and then is there to usher people out. You would never have guessed that there might be more then one host much the same as you would never guess that there would be more then one flavour profile to this beer. 

Having said that it is a pretty good host especially if you come with friends and share the experience. This probably will never be your favourite beer but it will certainly be a bonding experience you can share with friends and you can say in the future to you mates “Remember the time that sour apple questioned our lifestyle choices?” 

In all seriousness though I recommend that you try the range of beers from 2MT. Do what I did perhaps and order a split carton with a group of friends. You can find it here (The online store, not your group of friends)


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